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Stay Report: Holiday Inn - Attica Av., Airport West (Athens, Greece - July 2017)

Stay Report: Holiday Inn - Attica Av., Airport West
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We had an overnight in Athens from one flight to another so we decided to find a hotel near Athens Airport.  There are a couple of options, but we had some IHG points so decided to use them for a free night at the Holiday Inn Athens West.  The hotel is located about 15-20 minutes away from the airport, and there is a free shuttle that operates between the hotel and the airport.  The shuttle was one of the negatives of the hotel as it is not very convenient.  The shuttle only operates on the hour from the airport to the hotel, and on the half an hour from the hotel to the airport (so if you miss it, there is A LONG waiting time for the next shuttle).  Also the shuttle is a small van that seats approximately 15-18 people, but since there is a long waiting time usually there are more individuals waiting for the bus so it was always packed.

We had arrived at night around 9:20p so we had to wait about 40 minutes for the 10p shuttle to arrive.  When it arrived, it was a very chaotic to get onto the bus and then it was a 15-20 minute drive to the hotel.  The hotel is very big and has a lot of services to offer including a business center, an indoor pool, a fitness center, as well as two restaurants.  There were two check-in attendants for a big group, so if you were in the back of the line it was going to take a while to check-in; luckily we were in the front of the line so check-in happened rather quickly.  We received our key and took the elevator up to our room.  The elevator was located in the middle of the hotel, with corridors on each side leading to the rooms.  
The hallway look updated and the rooms also had updated keys.  As you entered into the
room, on the left was the bathroom while on the right was the open closet and storage area.  Overall, the size of the room was decent and not too small but not too big either.  The bathroom was the same way, there was enough room to move about but it was not a spacious bathroom.  The bathroom had a sink, a full tub on the right, and a toilet and bidet on the left.  The only negative of the bathroom were the amenities, which were not standard IHG amenities but local ‘Greek’ amenities which were not as good. 

Back inside the room, the open closet and storage connect to a counter which also housed the coffee maker. Below the coffee maker was the minifridge/bar and above the coffee maker where more shelves which held the coffee supplies.  Further along this wall was the TV, and then next to the window was a desk with power outlets along the wall.  Behind the desk was a small table, which was not very convenient as there was little room between the desk and the table.  On the other side of the table was a chair, a nice addition but again it was tight room. 

The beds were located against the wall, next to the chair and opposite to the TV.   If you faced the bed, on the left-hand side of each bed was a night stand, again with power outlets.  This was a nice amenity to have convenient power outlets so you don’t have to go search for them.  The beds themselves were comfortable and provided a nice and restful sleep.  The beds were definitely European in their size, as they felt more like full-size beds instead of the regular size beds in American rooms.

As we were only there for one night, we did not get to experience other amenities of the hotel besides the free wifi.  The wifi was strong and decent enough to check emails and stream videos.  Overall, it was a pleasant overnight stay at the Holiday Inn.  The hotel was comfortable and provided a nice rest.  The only negatives were the chaotic shuttle and the bathroom amenities.  The positives were the decent room size and the comfortable beds. 

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