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Lounge Report: SAS Business Lounge, Newark Airport (Feb 2017)

Lounge Report: SAS Business Lounge, Newark Airport
February 2017 - comment below and let me know your thoughts :)

I had a long layover at Newark Airport, and there was not a lot to do in the international terminal.  There were some restaurant, a lot of seating, and two lounges – Lufthansa Senator Lounge and SAS Business Class Lounge.  I have never experienced SAS so decided to try out their lounge.

I was not flying on SAS and was not travelling in business class, but I was able to purchase access to the lounge for $45.  SAS has two flights at Newark, both in the evening so when I arrived in the afternoon it was still light and slow in the lounge.

The lounge offered a variety of free products – free wifi, free limited magazines, free soft drinks, free snacks, free soup, and free limited alcoholic drinks.  The snacks included bread, salad, cheese, nuts, and other small items.  The free soup was a tomato-based vegetable soup.  While not a full meal, the soup combined with the salad, cheese, bread, and other snacks made for a decent pre-flight meal.

As I said, it was light when I first arrived so you had a general choice of seats.  There were limited number of couches, and most seats were 4 seats around two small tables.  They also had a section of barstools and tall chairs with individual tables.  The closer it got to departure time for the SAS flight, the more crowded it got and the less available seats became.  It also became very loud.  The lounge was a small to medium size and could not handle the large crowds the closer it got to the departure time.  Despite the rush, the food and snacks were replenished so many people had an opportunity to access the food.

The lounge also contained two bathrooms – again these were available when it was slow but became very crowded and limited when additional people came in.

Overall, it was a decent lounge.  The price to access the lounge is lower than that of United or other members, and for the lower price you get decent amount of snacks and free soft drinks, free water, and free limited alcohol.  You also get somewhat comfortable seats, and free wifi.  Purchasing food and drink in an airport is expensive, so for a bit more I got access to the lounge; and in my head that was a better deal.  

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