Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Stay Report: InterContinental Bangkok (September 2015)

Stay Report: InterContinental Bangkok
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When looking for a hotel in Bangkok, there are many great options to choose from.  I choose the InterContinental Hotel for its location as the hotel is centrally located within downtown Bangkok, and has easy access to malls, restaurants, and transportation.

Complimentary transportation to and from the airport is not provided, so you can either take the train, taxi, or car; the hotel has connections to all three.  The hotel is connected to a walkway which connects the train station to the various restaurants and shops within the downtown district.  Along this walkway are signs that lead you to the InterContinental exit, and from that exit you walk down the stairs to the entrance to the hotel.  From this entrance, there is a small shop and then you walk up to the stairs to the grand lobby of the hotel.  The lobby of the hotel contains the check-in desks in front and elevators to the right.  The left is a sitting area plus the large breakfast area.  There are also some small stairs which lead you down to the bar and lounge area.  Overall the lobby is very open and grand.  I headed to the check-in desks where check-in was quick and efficient and I the key to my room.  

The room was located on the 17th floor and the room was very nice and spacious.  Upon entering the room, on the left had side was the closet while on the right was the bathroom.  As with the room, the bathroom was also spacious and contained both a shower and a tub as well as a sink.  There were lots of bathroom toiletries provided by Agraria, a line I am not a fan of.  That was a small negative about the bathroom, while another negative was that the bathroom was made out of marble so there was a lot of noise echo.  

As you proceeded further into the room, on the left hand side was the TV stand and a long shelf along the wall which led to the desk, which was located next to the window.  While the window was nice, it wasn’t a great view of the city but at least the window let in natural light.  Underneath the TV were drawers, some of which were filled with the minibar and coffee information, while others were empty.  Across from the TV, on the other side of the room, were the two beds.  The beds were very large and very comfortable, and there were night stands on either side of the beds.  The only negative about the room was that, despite the spacious room, there wasn’t a lot of space between the beds.  In my opinion, there could have been more space given between the beds. 
InterContinental hotels are full-service so they have many amenities.  Wifi at the hotel was complimentary and was decent speed.  There was a rooftop pool, with a bar, that was a good size and had amazing views of the city.  There was also a fitness center near the pool deck which was very large and had a good selection of fitness equipment.  The service next to the pool was also extremely good. 

Generally the service at the hotel was fantastic, and this is what made the hotel really stand out.  One example of great service is the complimentary fruit plate which was left in our room every day.  Also, the concierge service was also really good.  We used the concierge a couple of times, and the service was fantastic and offered great information and contact.  A good concierge is a great asset and can be really helpful, especially in a country where you may not know the language.

Another great aspect of the hotel was the breakfast selection.  Breakfast was complimentary and the buffet offered was vast.  The hotel had guests from all over the world, so the breakfast buffet was trying to accommodate different preferences so there were Chinese, American, Middle Eastern, and Thai options available.  It provided a lot of options for breakfast and was really delicious.   

Overall, I had one of the best stays at a hotel at the InterContinental Bangkok.  The hotel provided a big and comfortable room, with excellent service, and in a central location with walking access to many shops, restaurants, and transportation.  I would definitely recommend this hotel as a great place to stay in Bangkok.