Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's not an accident

Lately, I have been hearing too many women say the following sentence in some sort of way: "I'm pregnant but I just don't know how it happened - we didn't plan it and right now is not the best time."

Whenever I hear this statement, I am at once surprised, flabbergasted, and astonished at the sentiment. 

What do you mean you don't know how it happened -- were you asleep in biology class?Were you unaware of what led to the creation of your first child?   Everyone knows how babies are born so saying 'i don't know how it happened' is complete b.s.  And if 'now is not the right time' then there are ways to plan a family - various forms of birth control to limit the number of children, or if you do not want children at all then there are vasectomies and tying fallopian tubes; and the most effective method of all, just don't have to have sex. 

Usually when a woman is telling me this, she is expecting some sort of sympathy or compassion from me.  Well, she ain't getting it; there are ways and methods that are known to everyone as to how to plan a family.  And if you haven't had that discussion with your partner - then your lack of planning and poor decision making is not my fault; its your's and your parnter's.  Ya'll should have thought about that before ya'll got it on that night.

Because at the end of the 9 months, there will be an innocent child there who deserves all the love, respect, attention and support and if you are unable or unwilling to give the child all that it needs and deserves in order to thrive as a person; then plan your family.  There are many ways and methods - pick one, or two, or three, whatever it takes - but 'not knowing and not acting' are not options.