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A Stay Report: Doubletree Lisbon - Fontana Park (February 2017)

A Stay Report: Doubletree Lisbon - Fontana Park
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I tend to stay at different hotels depending on whom I am traveling with.  If I am traveling by myself orIn choosing a hotel, I tend to look for proximity to areas and price versus comfort or style.  Normally I would only go to the hotel for sleeping so all the bells and whistles are not useful to me.  However, if I am traveling with family then I tend to choose hotels that are close to areas but also have all the bells and whistles as my family tends to use the hotel more as a relaxing and recharging place.  As I was traveling to Lisbon by myself, I was looking at proximity and price.  Hilton was having a sale on their rooms and I found a really good deal at the Doubletree Lisbon - Fontana Park.  

In terms of location, the hotel is located about a 5-10 minute walking distance from two metro stations.  From these stations it’s a 5-10 minute metro to the main attractions.  The hotel is located off the main road, so its close to many restaurants and services but they are not next to the hotel.  While the hotel is not as centrally located as I normally would like, the lower cost justified choosing the hotel.  Also, you get free cookies at Doubletree and they are very nice so that was an added bonus.  

The hotel itself looks very modern with sleek designs and black and white décor.  On the main level is the lobby, the restaurant, the bar, and the computer to access the internet.  Meeting rooms plus the gym are located on the basement level.

I was arriving early in the morning so I had contacted the hotel to request an early arrival and thankfully it was honored.  Check-in took a bit as there was only one person handling both checkin and checkout (and some groups were checking out that morning).  I checked in, was given my cookie, and headed to my room.  The elevator to the room was extremely small – it barely fit me and my stuff.  I took the elevator to the 4th floor which was dubbed the HiltonHHonors floor.  The modern layout extended to the hallway as the room numbers are on the floor, like a doormat.  The room is also decorated in the modern décor.

As you entered into the room, on your left was the closet with hangers, a safe, and shelves.  On your right was the bathroom which was divided into three parts: a sink in the middle and a toilet on one side and the shower on the other.  The odd design about the shower was that between the shower and the sink was a partial black screen (which did nothing to keep the water inside) yet between the shower and the room was a clear window which meant that you could see directly into the shower from the room.  Another odd thing about the bathroom was the shower – it was very difficult to operate (apparently the hotel staff had to answer a lot of questions on how to operate the shower).  The bathroom amenities Doubletree provides are really nice with nice smells and were consistent with the amenities available in Doubletree worldwide.

Continuing into the room, on the left hand side was a wall length shelf which allowed a place to hold your luggage and other belongings.  Above the shelf was a TV.  Against the other wall was the double size bed.  Between the bed and the bathroom was another shelf which acted as the nightstand as it held the lamp as well as the two complimentary waters (complimentary for each day of stay).  The complimentary water was a nice gesture.  On the other side of the bed, between the bed and the window was a desk.  The bed itself was comfortable enough for a decent sleep.

Amenities that I took advantage of included the free WiFi, which was pretty decent for emails and video, and the gym.  The gym was open 24/7 and while it was small, it had the basic equipment for a decent workout.  They also had a water dispenser available to refill your bottle of water

Overall it was a decent night stay at the Doubletree.  The plus points included the free cookies, the good service, and decent size room.  Negatives included odd design of the bathroom and distance from hotel to metro/downtown.

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