Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Respect...just a little bit

What has happen to respect?  Where has it gone?  Why did it go?  And when will it come back (because it's desperately needed!)

Lately I have seen a COMPLETE lack of respect.  People do not respect other's time, space, individuality, decisions, rights, etc.  You name and we are no longer respecting it.  Have a different opinion than the majority, we no longer respect your right to think freely.  What to voice that opposition, can't because we no longer respect your right to free speech.  These are types of respect that are everlasting and should never go away, yet they are disappearing right before our eyes.

There are other types of respect that come along with the advances in technology, like respect to technology.  For example, if you are one of those people who are just connected to your phone; you and your phone are almost one at this point.  With your phone, all you do is text...EVERYWHERE AND EVERYTIME.  We are sitting at dinner, and you are texting.  We are at a concert, and your texting.  No matter what we are doing or wherever we are, one things remain the same; you are texting.  THAT IS NOT RESPECTFUL.  How is that respectful of my time, or my space, or my energy.  I came out to dinner to talk to you, not to see you stare at your phone.  We are here to enjoy EXPERIENCES and you are missing those experiences by having your head down.  

On the flip side, now everyone knows you are connected to your phone and text so we RESPECT your communication choice and communicate with you via text.  If you have chosen this method, then there are rules and regulations and respect that come with this.  This means replying in an efficient and timely manner --- you are always on that thing so how hard is it to type 'ok' or 'ill get back to you in a while'; not that hard.

i do not believe respect is given but rather it is earned.  I do, however, believe that as human beings within a society we need to have a certain level of respect for one another. So given that, can we remember:

  • saying the words ‘excuse me’ does not cost a lot of energy and in return you get a lot. What does require a lot of energy are pushing, shoving, elbowing, kneeing, poking, battering, and being downright impolite --- there is no reason for it. Just say excuse me. 
  • everyone deserves respect and everyone should be treated with respect. It should not matter if you are the richest person in the world, or the poorest; both should be equally treated with respect. Just because you think you are something big that does not mean I am going to automatically respect you; and just because others have disrespected you because of your job doesn’t mean I will. 
I believe we should all be treated with respect and kindness and that is what we should give out, and hopefully receive. Your status doesn't determine the respect, how you are as a person does; and that is what matters.

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